Mělník wine-growing subregion

The largest winegrowing subregion in Bohemia.

This subregion consists of a number of isolated regions including the Roudnicko and Čáslavsko regions, one of which even includes the capital city of Prague. The winegrowing centers of the subregion include Mělník (a winemaking school was established here in 1882), Kutná Hora, and Karlštejn (where the Wine Research Station has been operating since 1919). The limestone bedrock and the lighter soils of the Mělník subregion are beneficial to the blue varieties, especially Rulandské modré (imported from Burgundy). The vineyards in the Mělník region enjoyed their period of greatest prosperity during the time of Charles IV, and renowned red wines were delivered to Prague in the 15th and 16th centuries. Later centuries also saw the cultivation of white varieties (mainly Müller Thurgau, Ryzlink rýnský, and Sylvánské zelené).

Area of vineyards: 360 ha, number of winegrowing communities: 42


vineyard of St. Claire