Mikulov wine-growing subregion

A favorable climate, extraordinary composition of soils, and hardworking people – these are the circumstances that gave rise to probably the most famous winegrowing subregion in our country.

This region, today known as the Mikulovská winegrowing subregion, with the town of Mikulov at the center, is where the first mention of the cultivation of the grapevine in our territory ever appeared – namely in the Pálava area. The region is characteristic for its unique natural conditions that supported the formation of extraordinary vineyards. Typical varieties for this subregion are Ryzlink vlašský, Veltlinské zelené, and Sauvignon; these are varieties that are suitable for the area’s calcareous soils, clays, and sands. For more than a thousand years, the vine-growing tradition has inevitably reflected through the area’s culture and life of the people.

The Mikulovská subregion in “numbers”: total area: 4,737 ha of vineyards (25.3% of vineyards in the Czech Republic) and 30 winegrowing communities. The most cultivated varieties: especially white wines – Sauvignon, Ryzlink vlašský, Müller Thurgau, Ryzlink rýnský. The red wines are mainly represented by Svatovavřinecké, Frankovka, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

As mentioned, the town of Mikulov has been the heart of the area for centuries; this was also because of the powerful families of Liechtenstein and Dietrichstein. They who supported the vineyards in every way possible, as it was naturally a significant source of income for them.


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Mikulov wine-growing subregion