Slovácko wine-growing subregion

Southeastern part of Moravia bordering Austria in the south and Slovakia in the east.

This is a subregion with diverse natural conditions producing a diverse range of varieties: full, fresh aromatic wines with mild acidity are born in vineyards in relatively higher altitudes – the White Carpathians are home to the varieties Rulanské bílé and Rulanské šedé, as well as Ryzlink rýnský. The blue varieties are Frankovka, Zweigeltrebe, and Cabernet Moravia, which is a new variety. The northern part of the subregion is beneficial to the early varieties Müller Thurgau and Muškát moravský.

The heart of the subregion is Bzenec, where the vineyards surrounding it are home (from Ryzlink rýnský grapes) to the famous wine Bzenecká lipka. The village of Petrov features the listed (built from the 15th century) Plže wine cellars.

Total area of the subregion: 5,000 ha, number of winegrowing communities: 115


Family winery Vydařilý


Family winery Zahnaš


Fasora & sons Winery


Košut family winery


Nechory Winemakers´ association


The Winemakers’ Association of Hovorany


Winemaker’s association of dolní Bojanovice


Association of Slovácko Winemakers


Beneš Family Winery


Buček Winery


Búda Mutěnice winemakers’ association


Bzenec Chateau winery

Slovácko wine-growing subregion